Happy First Birthday to us

We are celebrating our first Birthday this week!

Yes, it's twelve whole months since we started this little venture and it's been great to receive so many positive reviews during that time.

To celebrate, we are giving one in every ten orders away ABSOLUTELY FREE. Everybody who orders anything at all between 6pm tonight (24th November 2021) and midday on the 5th December will be entered into a chance to receive a full refund on their order. If your order number ends in a zero then we will refund your order in full straight away.

Order numbers go in sequential order and are automatically generated by our website platform and just as a clue we are on order number 1895 (at 4.25pm today, Tuesday). You will know instantly whether you have won when you receive your order confirmation via email. We will announce all winners on our Facebook page and in our next email newsletter.

We are offering a 20% discount on all our Melt bars and pods for the next 10 days to celebrate our 1st birthday.

'HAPPYBIRTHDAY' will get you 20% OFF all our melts and pods.

you can order your melts as usual and get a guaranteed 20% off but also have a chance at having them absolutely FREE if your order number ends in a zero.

New Scents now available!

(The top two are also available as Candles too!)


Come and say hello this weekend!

We will be selling our wares in our first ever market at Premier Plants of Ledsham on the Wirral this very Sunday so please come along if you're nearby as it would be lovely to see you. We will have our entire Christmas range there so you will be able to stock up and buy beautifully scented gifts for your loved ones. 

We will also be there every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas!

We look forward to sending you some scented goodies very soon